Our Members


We are advocates, change-makers, funders, and philanthropists who give our time, expertise, and financial resources to make the world a better place. We come together to think more strategically, share our knowledge, and invest in lasting solutions to support a healthy, thriving world.

Member Profile

Rachel’s Network members support a diverse range of causes – from sustainable food systems, to fossil fuel divestment, to animal welfare and beyond – and draw on a range of professional experiences from nonprofit management and finance, to law and philanthropy. In 2015, members:

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  • Granted a combined $59M through personal giving, family foundations, donor advised funds, stock, and LLCs. The majority of members allocated 75 percent or more to environmental causes.
  • Occupied over 100 director positions on the boards of major environmental and social justice organizations.
  • Engaged in socially-responsible investing (78 percent) shareholder advocacy (29 percent), and political advocacy (83 percent)


Member Voices

Members are changemakers individually, but the Network is greater than the sum of its parts. By helping each other think more strategically, share expertise, and support one another, they strengthen a community that nurtures women leadership and invests in lasting solutions. Read articles by our members on our blog here.


“Rachel’s Network has been a terrific forum for exploring how I can do more to foster the transition to clean energy. I’ve been inspired by fellow Impact Investing Learning Circle members who are using program-related investments, ballot initiatives, and other mechanisms to catalyze market-changes.”

Loren Blackford, New York