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Whether members are pressing for policy changes on Capitol Hill, starting and funding sustainable businesses and nonprofits, or producing documentaries on timely environmental issues, our solutions have lasting effects. We are savvy funders and champions of environmental causes who are committed to being a positive force for change. To learn more about our work, please read our past Annual Reports. Below is a list of some of our accomplishments.

Empowering Women Leaders

Advancing Environmental Solutions

  • Fought Antibiotic Overuse on Farms: Supported by a grant from Rachel’s Network members, As You Sow is pressing corporations like Burger King, Hormel Foods, and Wendy’s to adopt responsible antibiotic-use policies through shareholder resolutions and investor education and mobilization.
  • Produced an Investigative Report on Toxic Chemicals: In collaboration with Earth Focus, we produced an investigative report, UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals to advance the conversation about toxic chemicals in America. The program reached thousands of viewers on television and online.
  • Built the Case for Toxics Reform: In 2005, 18 Rachel’s Network members and their families participated in a test conducted by the Environmental Working Group, which revealed an astonishing accumulation of toxic chemicals in their bodies. This investigation helped build the evidentiary record of the need for improved chemical regulation.
  • Elevated “Creation Care”: With Rachel’s Network support, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) produced “Loving the Least of These,” a report which linked climate change to poverty in the developing world. This message of stewardship reached grass-tops leaders in universities, international aid groups, and churches, mobilizing non-traditional allies for the earth.

Abigail Rome

“Rachel’s Network members are serious about their commitments to helping environmental causes; interested in the world around them; aware of the power and influence of women; and active in making the world a better place.”

– Abigail Rome, Maryland

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