Our Leadership

[three_columns] [column1]circle-kathy-borgen

Kathy Borgen

Trustee, The Nature Conservancy – CO; Director, Borgen Family Foundation



Irene Crowe, Ph.D.

President, the Pettus Crowe Foundation



Sally Davidson

Chairman of the Board, Clyde’s Restaurant Group





Martha Davis

Founder, Community Conch



Caroline Gabel

Chair, Snow Leopard Conservancy and Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital



Marianne Gabel

Chair, The Nature Conservancy – OH





Charlotte Hanes

President and CEO, River Ridge Cattle Company


[column1] circle-ann-hunter-welborn

Ann Hunter Welborn

Board Treasurer Board Chair, Hunter Industries


[column1]Kef Kasdin

Kef Kasdin

Board Chair Founding General Partner, Battelle Ventures


[/three_columns] [three_columns] [column1] circle-laurie-kracum

Laurie Kracum

Board Chairman, West Wisconsin Land Trust



Florence Liddell

Board Secretary Former Vice President, Citibank, NA; Member, NRDC’s Global Leadership Council [/column1]

[column1] circle-annarie

Annarie Lyles

Managing Director, Bio-Gist Ventures [/column1]




Winsome McIntosh

Founder, Rachel’s Network and ClientEarth; President, McIntosh Foundation [/column1]


Molly Ross

Board Vice Chair Environmental activist and filmmaker; Founder, Swift Wings Foundation


[column1] circle-susan-wallace

Susan Wallace

Founder and President, The Woodtiger Fund; Vice Chair, Defenders of Wildlife

[/column1] [/three_columns]

Rachel’s Network Environmental Leadership Liaisons — women CEOs of influential national or international environmental and social justice nonprofits — provide high-level expertise and keep us connected to nonprofits that share our goals.

[three_columns] [column1]circle-margie-alt

Margie Alt

Executive Director, Environment America


[column1] circle-nan-aron

Nan Aron

Founder and President, Alliance for Justice



Keya Chatterjee

Executive Director, US Climate Action Network

[/column1] [/three_columns]

[three_columns] [column1]circle-jamie-clark

Jamie R. Clark

President and CEO, Defenders of Wildlife



Suzanne Ehlers

President and CEO, Population Action International




Katie Frohardt

Executive Director, Wild Earth Allies

[/column1] [/three_columns]


[column1]Annie Leonard

Annie Leonard

Executive Director, Greenpeace USA



Stephanie K. Meeks

President and CEO, National Trust for Historic Preservation



Theresa Pierno

President and CEO, National Parks Conservation Association

[/column1] [/three_columns]

[three_columns] [column1]Rhea Suh

Rhea Suh

President, NRDC

[/column1] [/three_columns]

The Rachel’s Network Circle of Advisors – women leaders in their fields of importance to our community — provide high-level expertise and keep us connected to nonprofits that share our goals.


[column1] circle-sally-bingham

Rev. Sally Bingham

President and Founder, Interfaith Power & Light; President; The Regeneration Project

[/column1] [column1]

circle-helen-caldicottDr. Helen Caldicott

Founder, Physicians for Social Responsibility; Founding President, Beyond Nuclear


[column1]Paula DiPerna

Paula DiPerna

Special Advisor, Carbon Disclosure Project – North America



[three_columns] [column1]circle-sylvia-earle

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle

Oceanographer and Explorer-in-Residence; National Geographic Society

[/column1] [column1] circle-kathryn-fuller

Kathryn S. Fuller

Chair, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution



Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Founder, Jane Goodall Institute and Gombe Stream Research Center



[three_columns] [column1]circle-hazel-henderson

Hazel Henderson

Founder, Ethical Markets Media, LLC

[/column1] [column1]circle-hunter-lovins

Hunter Lovins

Founder and President, Natural Capitalism Solutions


[column1] circle-carolyn-merchant

Carolyn Merchant

Professor of Environmental History, Philosophy, Ethics, UC – Berkeley



[three_columns] [column1]circle-nora-pouillon

Nora Pouillon

Author; Chef, and Owner, Restaurant Nora, Washington, D.C.

[/column1] [column1]circle-carolyn-raffensperger

Carolyn Raffensperger

Executive Director, Science and Environmental Health Network




Vikki Spruill

President and CEO, Council on Foundations



[three_columns] [column1] circle-debbie-walsh

Debbie Walsh

Director, Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University [/column1] [column1]circle-alice-waters

Alice Waters

Author; Chef and Owner, Chez Panisse Restaurant, Berkeley, California



Terry Tempest Williams

Author, naturalist, and conservationist

[/column1] [/three_columns]

These 18 Founders’ Circle members started Rachel’s Network  in 2000 with a shared a commitment to conservation. Because of them, our community of like-minded peers continues to grow and thrive.

[three_columns] [column1]Sally Brown

Sally Brown

Former Chairman, Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission

[/column1] [column1]Harriet Bullitt

Harriet Bullitt

Vice Chair, Bullitt Foundation

[/column1] [column1]Gladys Cofrin

Gladys Cofrin

Trustee, the AEC Trust

[/column1] [/three_columns]

[three_columns] [column1]

Caroline Gabel

Chair, Snow Leopard Conservancy and Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital

[/column1] [column1]Annette Gellert

Annette Gellert

Co-Chair, Fred Gellert Family Foundation; Senior Vice President and Director, Gellert and Associates

[/column1] [column1]Renee Ingold

Renee Ingold

Board Member, WELL Network and Fallbrook Land Conservancy

[/column1] [/three_columns]

[three_columns] [column1]Sidne Long

Sidne Long

President, Thomas J. Long Foundation

[/column1] [column1]Alysia May

Alysia May

Vice President, Wilbur May Foundation

[/column1] [column1]circle-winsome-mcintosh

Winsome McIntosh

Founder, Rachel’s Network and ClientEarth; Vice President, McIntosh Foundation

[/column1] [/three_columns]

[three_columns] [column1]Dane Nichols

Dane Nichols

Co-Founder, The Natural Step – US; Former Vice Chair, Island Press Thought Leaders Advisory Board

[/column1] [column1]Christine Russell

Christine Russell

Founder, Gaia Fund

[/column1] [column1]circle-jocelyn-sladen

Jocelyn Sladen

President, Marjorie Sale Arundel Fund for the Earth

[/column1] [/three_columns]

[three_columns] [column1]Victoria Stack

Victoria Stack

Board Director, International Fund for Animal Welfare; Member, Earthwatch Advisory Council

[/column1] [column1]Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand

Academy Award-Winning Actor, Producer, and Director; Founder, The Streisand Foundation

[/column1] [column1]Margery Tabankin

Margery Tabankin

Executive Director, The Streisand Foundation and Righteous Persons Foundation

[/column1] [/three_columns]

[three_columns] [column1]Leslie Turner

Leslie Turner

Founder and Board Member, St. Johns Riverkeeper

[/column1] [column1]Lynde Uihlein

Lynde Uihlein

President, The Brico Fund

[/column1] [column1]Carolyn Weinberger

Carolyn Weinberger

Board Member, Aurora Theatre Company