Rachel's Network 2024 Excursion to Argentina

Rachel’s Network 2024 Argentina Excursion

Patagonia Azul and Iberá National Park, Argentina
November 8-19, 2024

Rachel’s Network Members will experience stunning beauty and biodiversity in Patagonia Azul and the Iberá region, and learn more about one of the most successful multi-year public/private philanthropy conservation efforts in the world.

Formed in 2010 by Argentinian conservationists and activists, Rewilding Argentina was initially a project of Tompkins Conservation, which was founded by Rachel’s Network Member Kristine Tompkins and her late husband, Douglas Tompkins. Rewilding Argentina continues to carry out their work and vision, collaborating with national and provincial governments and with conservation and social organizations, both national and international. The work is made possible with the support of funders and philanthropists from Argentina and around the world.

Patagonia Azul, one of the newest projects for Rewilding Argentina, focuses on one of the most biodiverse regions of the Argentine coast, encompassing areas with extensive kelp forest, algae meadows, and vital breeding grounds for large fish, marine birds, and mammals. The project promotes the restoration of the coastal and marine ecosystem and the transformation of the local economy from extractive to restorative.

The Iberá project and its surrounding wetland is the birthplace of rewilding in Argentina. Home to almost 30% of Argentina’s biodiversity, this conservation area holds a unique opportunity to reintroduce locally extinct species such as the giant anteater, tapir, collared peccary, pampas deer, ocelot, giant river otter, and jaguar. In the park, national and provincial park rangers work together to preserve the quality and abundance of native animals, balanced with an authentic tourism experience for visitors.

Registration Rates
Open to Rachel’s Network members

Registration is limited to 14 members and four member guests* due to the limited accommodations at the remote locations where we will be staying.

Anticipated Registration Rates (as of January 2024, subject to change when registration opens in April 2024) are:

  • Member rate, shared occupancy: $14,250
  • Member guest rate, shared occupancy: $15,250

Rates include:

  • All ground transportation and in-country flights (both commercial and charter) in Argentina as well as all lodging (11 nights) and meals (not including alcohol) beginning Friday, November 8, through the morning of Tuesday, November 19 (dates subject to change). We are working with local vendors in Argentina to confirm final pricing for in-country air and ground transportation, lodging, and food.
  • A donation to Rewilding Argentina of $1,250.

Rates do not include:

  • Round trip flights to and from Buenos Aires. Round-trip air travel should be arranged on your own or by using a travel agent. At this time, average ticket prices for that trip are between $1,350-$3,500 depending on where you depart from and what level of ticket you prefer.
  • Travelers insurance – required for registration.
  • Lodging in Buenos Aires the nights of November 7and November 19. Recommended hotels will be shared with registrants.

*Members’ guests must be registered with a member with whom they will share a bed. Member guest registration will be limited to four guests for the entire trip due to the limited availability of accommodations and will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. A member registration may not include more than one guest registration.

Registration Timeline and Cancellation Policy

January 29-February 12 Early access reservation process
April 8    Registration opens
In order to secure a spot on this trip, registrants must complete their registration and pay in full. This includes those members who reserved their spot with early access.
April 15 Registration for Early Access reservations due
April 26 Registration Closes
May 16   Cancellation deadline to receive 75% refund
June 13 Cancellation deadline to receive 50% refund
August 16 Registration and refund cutoff
November 8-19 Excursion dates 

 Rachel’s Network will keep a waitlist of member and member guest registrations in the event of cancellations after registrations are received.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after August 16.
All requests for registration refunds/cancellation must be received via email to programs@rachelsnetwork.org.

Registration Requirements & Restrictions
To qualify for registration, members must:

  • Be in good financial standing with Rachel’s Network (dues paid for the year).
  • Be vaccinated for COVID-19 and agree to abide by any restrictions placed for travel, which may include masking and carrying proof of vaccination.
  • Agree to purchase traveler’s insurance which provides assistance and coverage in case of emergency or injury during travel (suggestion: World of Nomads).
  • Be physically capable of traveling in a variety of vehicle types with comfort – cars, vans, boats, airplanes (both charter and commercial), and walking while transporting your own luggage.

Important information about in-country travel & lodging
Given the distances between parks, we will require transportation by smaller chartered and commercial planes, off-road vehicles traveling on paved, gravel, and dirt roads, and sometimes boats. Our lodging capacity limits how many members and guests we can accommodate on this trip. Rewilding Argentina has reserved all available lodging in both locations, but it is limited and shared occupancy, sometimes within the same cabin/tent, often within the same bedroom, and sometimes with shared restrooms.

To take advantage of our pre-arranged airline transportation on Friday, November 8, members should plan to arrive in Buenos Aires the day before – Thursday, November 7 – and arrange Buenos Aires lodging themselves (recommended hotels will be provided). As the excursion will end with a return commercial flight back to Buenos Aires, returning international flights from Buenos Aires to the United States should not be scheduled until late on Tuesday, November 19 or Wednesday, November 20. Members should also make lodging plans for themselves in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, November 19 if needed. Members are welcome to extend their travel in Argentina or other South American countries before or after our excursion.

We will spend as much time as possible exploring the parks, so plan to pack comfortable hiking and travel shoes, day packs, and lightweight equipment that is easy to carry. Because of the diverse locations of each park, you can experience all four seasons in one day, so layers are recommended. The weather will be the most unpredictable element of this journey and self-care and patience will be important as we work together to accommodate everyone’s needs and possibly have to change our plans at the last minute based on variable conditions.

COVID-19 Health & Safety
All attendees of Rachel’s Network in-person events and guests of our meeting venue must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Attendees should carry proof of vaccination with them. At this time, mask wearing is optional; we continue to follow all COVID safety guidance provided by the US and Argentine governments. These guidelines are subject to change.

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