If you are a bold woman funder who wants to leverage your resources for a safer, healthier environment, we invite you to join our community and become a Rachel today.

Women's Leadership



Network Benefits

Educational Events

Our bi-annual meetings, regional events, and monthly videoconferences connect you with eminent environmental and philanthropic experts.

Collaborative Action

Access to co-funding opportunities like our Ashoka Fellowship or our initiative to tackle the misuse of antibiotics in farm animals increase our members’ impact.

Advocacy Tools

Resources like our Lobby Day brief you on environmental policies and connect you with Congress.


Our network of women funders share a commitment to environmental protection and inspire and support each other’s work. Our liaisons and advisors keep us informed on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the environmental movement.

Leadership Services

Our board placement program elevates gender parity in the board room while our fiscal sponsorship fund has propelled projects like Divest-Invest Philanthropy and ClientEarth into international spotlights.

Networking Tools

Our private listserv, member directory, weekly digests, blog, and newsletter update you on the latest policies, news, and calls-to-action.

Become a Member

Members pay an annual, tax-deductible grant of $5,000, which can be granted through a foundation, donor advised fund, stock, or personal check. To learn more, please contact Ariana Carella, Network Engagement Director.

Join Rachel’s Action Network

Rachel’s Action Network is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering pro-environment women to take political action. As the sister organization of Rachel’s Network, Rachel’s Action Network fills an important role tracking environmental legislation and profiling and endorsing key women legislators. Visit the Rachel’s Action Network website to learn more.