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We are a vibrant community of women who catalyze our collective power for a healthy, thriving world. Learn More

Rachel’s Network Fellowship

Rachel’s Network and Ashoka — the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs — joined forces in 2014 to uncover environmental innovation and promote women who are pioneering sustainable change.

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RN Fellowship
When Women Lead

When Women Lead

Our report shows that women in Congress vote for legislation supporting clean air, clean water, renewable energy, climate action, and public health.

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2016 Annual Report: Collective Action

There’s no denying 2016 was a thorny year for women and the environment. But in the days following the election, we’ve seen a renewed interest in collective action across our network and in the larger society. In our 2016 Annual Report, you’ll learn how Rachel’s Network fills a vital role in the movement for a better world.

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350.org Executive Director May Boeve Joins Rachel’s Network as Liaison

350.org Executive Director May Boeve, dubbed “the new face of the climate movement” by the Guardian, has joined the nonprofit funders’ network Rachel’s Network as a Leadership Liaison. 350.org is leveraging people power to dismantle the influence and infrastructure of the fossil fuel industry, and to develop people-centric solutions to the climate crisis.

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