We are determined to create a world with a regenerative and equitable economy, clean air and water, and a healthy environment for all. From funding climate change education to fighting for food safety, we give close to $60M a year combined – through personal and foundational grants and investments – for the benefit of our planet.

Our Projects

The Fellowship

We joined forces with Ashoka to promote women entrepreneurs pioneering sustainable change. Since 2014, we have funded two fellows: Janelle Orsi and Angelou Ezeilo.

When Women Lead

Our report, When Women Lead, shows that women in Congress vote for legislation supporting clean air, clean water, renewable energy, climate action, and public health more often than their male counterparts.

Tackling Antibiotic Misuse

Our strategic partnership with As You Sow leverages shareholder advocacy and investor mobilization to target large food companies and curb the overuse of antibiotics on farms.

GOP Gender Gap

The vast majority of women in Congress are Democrats; they outnumber Republican congresswomen three to one. We partnered with Political Parity to identify the challenges Republican women face when running in primary elections.

Report on Chemicals

In collaboration with Earth Focus, we produced an investigative report, “UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals” to advance the conversation about toxic chemicals in America.

Surveying Women Landowners

To promote conservation practices on farmland, we funded research by the American Farmland Trust on the needs of women landowners.

Recruiting Women for Public Office

We worked with The 2012 Project to help recruit women from fields largely underrepresented within policymaking bodies – including health, science and technology, energy, and the environment.

Uncovering Body Burden

We partnered with the Environmental Working Group to offer biomonitoring to leaders of key communities to educate them on the dangers of chemical contamination on human health.

Elevating Creation Care

We funded a report by the National Association of Evangelicals on climate change and environmental stewardship, which helped mobilize grass-tops leaders in universities, international aid groups, churches, and Congress.

Leadership Services

Board Placement

Our Board Placement service has placed our members on the governing bodies of influential national international organizations, including American Rivers, Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club Foundation, and more. To participate, contact Ariana Carella, Network Engagement Director.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Our Fiscal Sponsorship Fund enables our members to develop an entrepreneurial program into an independent nonprofit. The Fund has propelled worthy projects into the national and international spotlights, including Divest-Invest Philanthropy, ClientEarth, and Community Conch.

For more on our programs, members and impact, please read our most recent Annual Report, our Vision 2020 strategic plan, and our blog. Or listen to our interview with the All Together Now podcast.