At Rachel’s Network, we believe in the power of women, particularly women of color, to create and nurture a healthy environment for all. Women are writing transformative climate legislation, championing equitable and just environmental policies, restoring ecosystems, mobilizing activists on renewable energy, fighting for clear air and water, and more. Our network funds these leaders and their visions. Since 2000, our network has collectively given $2 million to solutions that secure a thriving planet for future generations, and women leaders on the frontlines of our movement. Our primary programs are:

Catalyst Award

The Rachel’s Network Catalyst Award, launched in 2019, celebrates women of color who are building a healthier, safer, and more just world. 

When Women Lead

Our annual report, When Women Lead, examines voting records of federal legislators from 1972 to present. The data shows that women in Congress vote for environmental protections more often than their male counterparts.  


You can read about our past grantmaking on our blog and annual reports. For more information about our grantmaking, email Network Engagement Director Ariana Carella. Please note, we do not accept unsolicited proposals. To support Rachel’s Network’s capacity to administer our programs, please consider giving a general operating support grant.


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