Through a multi-year grant from Rachel’s Network, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) was able amplify its message of creation care and climate action within the evangelical community.

Among the many accomplishments of the partnership was a video that captured the evangelical viewpoint on creation care that was distributed to thousands of NAE-affiliated churches, a tour of evangelical colleges to educate students on creation care, a partnership with Harvard to increase understanding between the religious and scientific communities, a delegation to Alaska to witness climate impacts that was featured in the PBS program “God and Global Warming,” and numerous events with world leaders, legislators, and religious communities on the need for creation care.

In 2011, after two years of Network-supported research, NAE also completed a groundbreaking study linking climate change to poverty in the developing world. The resulting report, Loving the Least of These, drew upon scientific and theological sources to urge evangelicals to care for the neediest by caring for the planet.  This message of stewardship reached grasstops leaders in universities, international aid groups, and churches, and mobilized non-traditional allies for the earth.

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