Member Voices

Fixing Climate Education in the US

27 Jan 2017

The United States is widely recognized as a world leader in climate change research, but a 2014 Global Trends Survey of 20 countries revealed that the US ranked last in the percentage of the population that attributed climate change to human activity. Teachers have a unique opportunity to inspire and motivate the next generation of scientists, engineers and leaders to tackle climate change, says Rachel’s Network Member Elena Marszalek.

Stand with Planned Parenthood

29 Nov 2016

No group does more to reduce unintended pregnancy than Planned Parenthood, says Rachel’s Network Member Janet Miller. Anyone who believes in providing women with high-quality reproductive health care — and who supports eliminating the need for abortion in the first place — should insist that Planned Parenthood remain funded.

An Unexpected Journey to a Healthy Home

09 Jun 2016

After Rachel’s Network Member Adriana Hayward’s family became sick from black mold, she and her husband launched Hayward Healthy Home and built a state-of-the-art sustainable, toxic-free regenerative house. Now, she’s sharing the hard-earned lessons she learned with others so that healthy buildings become the norm.

Saving Our Peaceful Cousin, the Bonobo

31 May 2016

When faced with all that is wrong with the world, is there room for hope, love, or even a little compassion? Rachel’s Network Member Ashley Stone proposes that we look to our closest living genetic relative – the relatively unknown Bonobo, to find inspiration for our future. Ashley’s organization The Bonobo Project is working to protect bonobos in the wild and build awareness around their plight.