This is Our Time

21 Feb 2017

Consultant Eleanor LeCain says that while our present moment is a dangerous one, it also contains opportunity. It’s the opportunity for women to show us how we can meet our needs through a regenerative economy within a healthy, thriving world, for ourselves and for future generations.

Support Women to Support Rural America

19 Jan 2017

The slow dissolution of one way of life has left many folks in rural places like Grayson County, Virginia feeling forgotten and displaced. Member Charlotte Hanes says we need to support some of the hardest working people our great country has ever produced: the people who feed us. And a good way to do this is to empower women.

Stand with Planned Parenthood

29 Nov 2016

No group does more to reduce unintended pregnancy than Planned Parenthood, says Rachel’s Network Member Janet Miller. Anyone who believes in providing women with high-quality reproductive health care — and who supports eliminating the need for abortion in the first place — should insist that Planned Parenthood remain funded.

Women Leading us to a Toxic-Free Future

09 Sep 2016

Since 1995, Women’s Voices for the Earth has been amplifying women’s voices to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities. Executive Director Erin Switalski explains how their network of advocates has moved some of the country’s largest companies.