This is Our Time

21 Feb 2017

Consultant Eleanor LeCain says that while our present moment is a dangerous one, it also contains opportunity. It’s the opportunity for women to show us how we can meet our needs through a regenerative economy within a healthy, thriving world, for ourselves and for future generations.

Rachel’s Network Welcomes New President Fern Shepard

25 Aug 2016

Under Fern’s leadership, Rachel’s Network is well-positioned to make a difference on the vital issues supported by its members. She looks forward to fulfilling our mission of supporting women as impassioned leaders and agents of change dedicated to the stewardship of the Earth.

Expert Q&A with Trish Silber on Smart Networks

05 Aug 2016

How can we ensure that our social networks work intelligently and effectively? We asked leadership coach Trish Silber, president of Aliniad Consulting Partners, to help us identify the traits of these smart networks and how we can foster better collaboration.