Support Women to Support Rural America

19 Jan 2017

The slow dissolution of one way of life has left many folks in rural places like Grayson County, Virginia feeling forgotten and displaced. Member Charlotte Hanes says we need to support some of the hardest working people our great country has ever produced: the people who feed us. And a good way to do this is to empower women.

The Roadmap to Reduce US Food Waste

11 Mar 2016

Last year, Rachel’s Network Member Betsy Fink and her husband Jesse approached like-minded philanthropists to launch ReFED: “Rethinking Food Waste through Economics and Data: A Roadmap to Reduce Food Waste”. The economic analysis and research they undertook revealed exciting news: Food waste is a solvable problem. Their new report maps a path for action.

Fires Burn Again in Indonesia

21 Jan 2016

The recent Indonesian forest fires have been called the worst disaster in 20 years – for people, for wildlife, for Borneo’s rich rainforest, and for the Earth. Rachel’s Network Member Caroline Gabel writes about how she’s worked with a small nonprofit in nearby Malaysia to develop alternative economies that could serve as a model for Indonesia, where human activities are wreaking havoc on the forest.

Rachel’s Network Tackles the Overuse of Antibiotics in Partnership with As You Sow

17 Dec 2015

A shocking 80 percent of antibiotics sold in the US are given to livestock. These “sub-therapeutic” antibiotics are contributing to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria in humans. Now, a new partnership between Rachel’s Network and As You Sow is working to address the overuse of antibiotics on farms. Through shareholder advocacy, we’re targeting large food companies that have the greatest potential to make a difference.

Expert Q&A with Sustainable Food Advocate Dawn Brighid

30 Jul 2015

These days, it’s hard to trust that the food you’re eating was produced in a safe, humane and sustainable manner. But online tools like the Eat Well Guide make it easier to support local farmers, restaurateurs, and others who are doing good by their customers, their workers and the planet. The Guide’s thousands of listings include restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, stores and more. Eat Well Guide Project Director Dawn Brighid shared with Rachel’s Network why initiatives like hers are needed as we build a better food system together.