Rachel’s Network Highlights Solutions in Portland, Oregon

27 Oct 2016

With more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas (and growing), addressing sustainability in our cities is a crucial undertaking. One city facing this challenge head-on is Portland, Oregon. From its renowned bike culture and green buildings, to its park system and green infrastructure, the city serves as a showcase for innovation in sustainable planning. Rachel’s Network traveled there in October for our Fall Retreat to hear from experts on the exciting solutions being developed in the region.

Rachel’s Network Visits Lake Tahoe

04 Aug 2016

In July, Rachel’s Network traveled to Lake Tahoe to learn more about the environmental issues facing the region. Hosted by members Adriana Hayward and Kimberley Milligan, who support several organizations there, Rachel’s Network met with conservation leaders and got an up-close look at work on the ground.

Saving Biodiversity at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

17 May 2016

Aided by cutting-edge research in endocrinology, genetics, GIS, and more; today’s conservationists pack an arsenal of sophisticated tools to help save the world’s most threatened species. Much of this significant research is happening in a rather unlikely place: the rural Virginia countryside. Several Rachel’s Network members support the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and we traveled there in March to see their work firsthand.

The Future of Power is Collective

03 Mar 2016

The conventional definition of power as a hierarchical, brute force isn’t working anymore. This month, Rachel’s Network members and guests will gather in Washington, DC for our Annual Meeting: Catalyzing our Collective Power. There we’ll discuss ways to grow new, more collaborative forms of power to address the big challenges we face today. The speakers joining us are well-equipped to tackle these challenges.

Rachel’s Network Visits Yellowstone National Park

06 Nov 2015

In October, Rachel’s Network members and guests traveled to Yellowstone National Park for our 2015 Fall Retreat. In addition to visiting some of Yellowstone’s most dynamic landscapes, we heard from top experts in wildlife conservation, park management, climate change, and sustainable ranching.

Rachel’s Network Visits Patagonia, Arizona

07 Apr 2015

“Preposterously beautiful.” That’s how novelist Jim Harrison once described Patagonia, Arizona, a town on the edge of the Sonoran Desert. Rachel’s Network members confirmed this view on a recent trip to the Sky Island region where they learned about local efforts to preserve this unique and biodiverse landscape. The trip was led by local Rachel’s Network Member Diana Hadley who supports a number of conservation programs on both sides of the US-Mexico border and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the area.