Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A with Trish Silber on Smart Networks

05 Aug 2016

How can we ensure that our social networks work intelligently and effectively? We asked leadership coach Trish Silber, president of Aliniad Consulting Partners, to help us identify the traits of these smart networks and how we can foster better collaboration.

Four Experts Weigh in on Protecting National Parks

11 Dec 2015

After our Fall Retreat in Yellowstone National Park, we asked four influential figures in National Parks management and protection to share how they would like to see more funds directed to conservation in the United States. Their responses illustrate that, despite our world-renowned system of public lands, many threats loom over our treasured habitats and wildlife.

Expert Q&A with Sculptor George Bumann, on the Role of the Arts in Conservation

20 Nov 2015

During the Rachel’s Network Fall Retreat in Yellowstone National Park, our members were inspired by a presentation by sculptor and ecologist George Bumann who conveyed the value of wild places beyond the facts and figures we often fall back on. We asked George about his process, the experience of working in Yellowstone National Park, and his advice for inspiring a wonder for nature in others.

Expert Q&A with NPCA President Theresa Pierno

03 Nov 2015

In this Q&A we hear from Theresa Pierno, the new president and chief executive officer of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA). Theresa is the first woman to serve as NPCA’s president in its 96-year history. Here, she shares her thoughts on the state of America’s national parks, her career in conservation, and the women leaders who inspire her.

Expert Q&A with Trish Silber, Leadership Coach

25 Aug 2015

Trish Silber, president of Aliniad Consulting Partners, shared core trends in board leadership and organizational change management with members of Rachel’s Network. She introduced her tiered board leadership framework that recognizes the multiple responsibilities of nonprofit boards, and the range of ways directors think about their role. Here, Trish shares her thoughts about leadership for nonprofit board members.

Expert Q&A with Sustainable Food Advocate Dawn Brighid

30 Jul 2015

These days, it’s hard to trust that the food you’re eating was produced in a safe, humane and sustainable manner. But online tools like the Eat Well Guide make it easier to support local farmers, restaurateurs, and others who are doing good by their customers, their workers and the planet. The Guide’s thousands of listings include restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, stores and more. Eat Well Guide Project Director Dawn Brighid shared with Rachel’s Network why initiatives like hers are needed as we build a better food system together.