Rachel’s Network Highlights Solutions in Portland, Oregon

27 Oct 2016

With more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas (and growing), addressing sustainability in our cities is a crucial undertaking. One city facing this challenge head-on is Portland, Oregon. From its renowned bike culture and green buildings, to its park system and green infrastructure, the city serves as a showcase for innovation in sustainable planning. Rachel’s Network traveled there in October for our Fall Retreat to hear from experts on the exciting solutions being developed in the region.

Conservation Success in the Congo Basin

14 Oct 2016

Rainforest Trust supports passionate conservation partners around the world who dedicate their lives to protecting threatened species and the habitats that are their homes. Two inspiring partners are Terese and John Hart, who work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and who, with support from Rainforest Trust, played a key role in the recent declaration of the new Lomami National Park.

Celebrating America—and Building a Diverse Legacy for the Future

19 Aug 2016

This past spring, National Parks Conservation Association celebrated a long-awaited victory when President Obama designated the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument as our nation’s newest national park site. NPCA President & CEO Theresa Pierno explains the significance of the monument and others like it in documenting historic movements for justice.

Rachel’s Network Visits Lake Tahoe

04 Aug 2016

In July, Rachel’s Network traveled to Lake Tahoe to learn more about the environmental issues facing the region. Hosted by members Adriana Hayward and Kimberley Milligan, who support several organizations there, Rachel’s Network met with conservation leaders and got an up-close look at work on the ground.

A Conservation Success Story: Bracken Cave

07 Jul 2016

In October 2013, Rachel’s Network members took a special excursion during our Fall Retreat to Bracken Cave, which at the height of summer houses approximately 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats, the largest concentration of mammals in the world. Earlier that year, BCI had learned that a planned 3,500-house subdivision would threaten the bats’ habitat. It was a conservation challenge like no other, but BCI rose to meet it. With the support of countless partners, they saved Bracken Cave.