Protecting Children by Ensuring Safe Drinking Water

24 Feb 2017

From Washington to communities all across the country, we are continuing her fight to protect the health of American families, says Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council. NRDC’s recent report on water safety documents and maps the disturbing prevalence of lead in drinking water all across America, as well as the lack of official response to numerous violations of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule.

Rachel’s Network Highlights Solutions in Portland, Oregon

27 Oct 2016

With more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas (and growing), addressing sustainability in our cities is a crucial undertaking. One city facing this challenge head-on is Portland, Oregon. From its renowned bike culture and green buildings, to its park system and green infrastructure, the city serves as a showcase for innovation in sustainable planning. Rachel’s Network traveled there in October for our Fall Retreat to hear from experts on the exciting solutions being developed in the region.

Heeding the Canary in the Coal Mine on Climate Change

18 Oct 2016

Scientists with the National Audubon Society have found that of the nearly 600 bird species that call North America home, over half are already threatened by climate change. Thankfully, says Audubon Washington’s Executive Director Gail Gatton, there’s a policy prescription that economists, environmentalists, and scientists all agree will make a huge difference: putting an effective price on carbon emissions. Gail shares how her organization is getting out the climate vote in Washington State.

Young Voters Care About the Environment, But Will They Vote?

02 Aug 2016

Young voters could well determine the 2016 election. But will they show up? Only 20 percent of eligible 18 to 29-year-olds voted in 2014, the lowest turnout in 40 years. Yet if engaged sufficiently by their peers, and by institutions they’re a part of, many will participate. Paul Loeb, founder of the Campus Election Engagement Project, explains how.

Catching Up with Fellow Janelle Orsi

05 Apr 2016

Janelle Orsi is one of the leading experts on the sharing economy, a growing movement that applies collaboration to utilize a community’s resources for the common good. Founder of the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) and an Ashoka Fellow supported by Rachel’s Network, Janelle shared this update on how her work is evolving as a result of the Fellowship.

Getting out the Environmental Vote

04 Mar 2016

Many of us now realize that climate change and other environmental issues have become – quite literally – existential problems. So why are politicians still so unwilling to pass the laws and regulations that we desperately need? Nathaniel Stinnett, Founder & CEO of the Environmental Voter Project, explains how his organization is working to get out the environmental vote in the next election and beyond.