Climate Change

Fixing Climate Education in the US

27 Jan 2017

The United States is widely recognized as a world leader in climate change research, but a 2014 Global Trends Survey of 20 countries revealed that the US ranked last in the percentage of the population that attributed climate change to human activity. Teachers have a unique opportunity to inspire and motivate the next generation of scientists, engineers and leaders to tackle climate change, says Rachel’s Network Member Elena Marszalek.

How Frontline Activism Succeeded at Standing Rock

06 Dec 2016

On December 4, 2016, the US Army Corps of Engineers said it would reconsider the Dakota Access Pipeline route. This announcement was met with celebration by those who had been working for months to stop the pipeline, and years to advocate for indigenous rights. Trish Weber talks about the groups on the ground who made this cautious victory possible.

Lake Tahoe Does Citizen Science with the Pipe Keepers

17 Nov 2016

Fixing Lake Tahoe’s stormwater pollution problem will take both science and political will. The League to Save Lake Tahoe’s citizen science program “Pipe Keepers” is helping on both fronts. Pipe Keepers volunteers are building a rich dataset that the League shares with local agencies and Tahoe researchers to better understand the problem.

Heeding the Canary in the Coal Mine on Climate Change

18 Oct 2016

Scientists with the National Audubon Society have found that of the nearly 600 bird species that call North America home, over half are already threatened by climate change. Thankfully, says Audubon Washington’s Executive Director Gail Gatton, there’s a policy prescription that economists, environmentalists, and scientists all agree will make a huge difference: putting an effective price on carbon emissions. Gail shares how her organization is getting out the climate vote in Washington State.

We Must Quit Coal Before Coal Quits Us

29 Apr 2016

Powering 33 percent of our nation’s electricity, coal is a foundation to our lifestyles and industries. But Rachel’s Network Member Anne Butterfield shows that the nation is running out of its affordable, profitable supply. It’s time for the utility industry to stop taking coal for granted.