Our Impact

2015 Annual Report

02 Jun 2016

2015 was a transformative year for Rachel’s Network. We spent a large part of the year charting the future of the organization through our Vision 2020 strategic plan. We’re delighted that this plan confirms the values we cherish, and takes them to the next level with passion and purpose. We’re committed to putting our resources to work finding solutions to global challenges. Read our 2015 Annual Report to discover how.

Saving Biodiversity at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

17 May 2016

Aided by cutting-edge research in endocrinology, genetics, GIS, and more; today’s conservationists pack an arsenal of sophisticated tools to help save the world’s most threatened species. Much of this significant research is happening in a rather unlikely place: the rural Virginia countryside. Several Rachel’s Network members support the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and we traveled there in March to see their work firsthand.

Catching Up with Fellow Janelle Orsi

05 Apr 2016

Janelle Orsi is one of the leading experts on the sharing economy, a growing movement that applies collaboration to utilize a community’s resources for the common good. Founder of the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) and an Ashoka Fellow supported by Rachel’s Network, Janelle shared this update on how her work is evolving as a result of the Fellowship.

The Power of Music with Sarah duPont

08 Jan 2016

Since the beginning of time, music has been a catalyst for change. Today, music is linked to academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity. Rachel’s Network Member Sarah duPont is using music and the arts as a positive force in Benin and the Amazon Rainforest.