A new episode of Earth Focus reveals that Americans are exposed to tens of thousands of synthetic chemicals that are largely unregulated and untested for safety. “UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals,” takes a penetrating look at the health risks behind the most ubiquitous chemicals in ordinary products.

The steady growth of chemical exposure continues in our air, water, food and food packaging, in everyday products for the home and workplace, in agriculture and in cosmetics. Only a fraction of chemicals commercially available in the United States have been safety tested. Scientists are finding links between these chemicals and increases in many cancers, birth defects, development and learning disorders, and more.

Funding for “UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals” was provided by Rachel’s Network, a national nonprofit organization that harnesses the collective impact of women environmental philanthropists.

“‘UNSAFE’ reflects our members’ commitment to environmental health and shines a light on the dire state of toxics in this country, a concern raised by our namesake, Rachel Carson, more than 50 years ago,” said Thu Pham, Rachel’s Network President. “We hope this film moves the conversation forward.”

Earth Focus is a groundbreaking series that features investigative reports on the state of our planet’s environment and its impact on people all over the world. 

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