Fiscal Sponsorship

Our Fiscal Sponsorship Fund enables our members to develop an entrepreneurial program into an independent nonprofit. The Fund has propelled worthy projects into the national and international spotlights, including Divest-Invest PhilanthropyClientEarth, and Community Conch. To learn more, please email Ariana Carella, Network Engagement Director.


Martha Davis: A Champion for the Queen Conch

While queen conch has been a central part of Bahamian culture, economy, and cuisine for centuries; growing demand from the US has jeopardized local populations of the species. Rachel’s Network Member Martha Davis fell in love with queen conch while doing field work for her master’s degree. Now, through her organization Community Conch, she’s gathering and publishing vital information about this unique animal. With Martha’s help, and the commitment of her partners, volunteers, and local fisherman, the Bahamas can build back its dwindling conch population.

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Expert Q&A with Lisa Renstrom, Divest-Invest Philanthropy

Divest-Invest Philanthropy is a coalition of U.S. and global foundations pledged to divest from fossil fuel companies and invest a portion of their assets in the clean energy economy. Members of the Divest-Invest Philanthropy initiative are united around a shared conviction that investments must not undercut philanthropy’s mission to serve the public good. Rather, endowed assets should advance both financial and ethical goals.

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ClientEarth Supports Groundbreaking Environmental Legislation

ClientEarth is the first public interest law firm in the European Union. It was launched in 2007 by philanthropist Winsome McIntosh and her husband Michael with support from the Rachel’s Network Fiscal Sponsorship Fund. The fund fosters the development of independent nonprofits by providing public charitable sponsorship. ClientEarth is now a registered charity in England and Wales and was recently named by Greenwire UK as the most effective environmental organization in Europe.

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