Rachel’s Network

Since 2000, our network has collectively granted over $2 million to projects that grow healthy communities and promote women’s leadership. With your participation, we’re making a difference on the issues that matter. Scroll down to contribute to one of our current projects or email Ariana to pledge. To view all past projects, click here.

Current Opportunities (as of 8.1.2020)

Catalyst Award

The Rachel’s Network Catalyst Award recognizes women of color making an environmental impact in communities across the country. With prizes of $10,000 per winner, as well as networking support and recognition throughout the year, we’ll shine a spotlight on their valuable contributions while promoting the depth of the environmental community. By supporting those leading the way, we make a powerful, long-term investment in a regenerative and thriving world. To ensure this new program can endure and to demonstrate our network’s commitment to this important issue, we seek multi-year commitments from members as much as possible. For more about the Catalyst Award program, click here.

Ongoing Program 
See 2019 Winners
$64,000 Granted Since 2019

How to Give

Pay by Check

Send a personal check or direct a donor advised fund grant made payable to “Rachel’s Network” to the address below, and be sure to note which co-funding project you’re supporting.

Rachel’s Network
1200 18th Street NW, Suite 910
Washington, DC 20036

How to Give

Pay Online by Credit Card

Click the “Donate Now” links above to donate directly to a project through Neon.

Give a Recurring or Stock Gift

Email Operations Director Mit Allenby at mit@rachelsnetwork.org or call 202-391-0165 to find out how to set up a recurring donation or stock gift.

Rachel’s Network Co-Funding FAQs

In Silent Spring, Rachel Carson wrote “in nature, nothing exists alone.” We take Rachel’s message to heart and carry it into our philosophy as an organization – we are quite literally all in this together. Rachel’s Network is determined to build a regenerative, environmentally-friendly, and equitable world, and working together increases our impact. More staff capacity and programming toward collective action has tripled member participation, increased our total raised funds six-fold, and raised our total granted amount ten-fold since 2014. To learn more about how our co-funding program works, click on the questions to the right.

How much of my grant will reach the partner group?

Your full donation, less credit card fees only, will reach our partner groups. Our own administrative costs (fundraising, accounting, communications, etc.) are borne by general support and member dues, so be sure to renew your membership each year too!

How are projects chosen?

Projects reflect the interests and passions of our members and arise out of member conversations. For more information, email Network Engagement Director Ariana Carella at ariana@rachelsnetwork.org.

What are the benefits of giving through Rachel's Network?

Rachel’s Network pools funds for greater impact – when you combine your grant with a fellow member, it inspires others to give and gets more publicity too. In addition, your personal information isn’t shared with the grantee, so you don’t need to worry about fielding follow-up appeals from our partners. Because of our strong relationships with respected environmental organizations, and our in-depth evaluation of each opportunity, you can be comfortable knowing that your contribution is going to a worthy cause.

How do I get grant updates?

Network Engagement Director Ariana Carella will regularly communicate with participating members by email to share partner updates on the impact of their funding. Also keep an eye on the Friday digest email and the listserv.

How can I get in touch with other members who have given to a project?

The Rachel’s Network community listserv is a great way to share your thoughts and enthusiasm for our co-funding projects. Email community@lists.rachelsnetworkcommunity.org to join the conversation. We also have issue-specific listservs.

How do I find records of my past donations?

Email Operations Director Mit Allenby at mit@rachelsnetwork.org for questions about financial records.

Questions? Email Us

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