Advancing women’s leadership is in our DNA. Rachel’s Network empowers members to see their philanthropic goals to fruition, build productive relationships with fellow funders and with prominent leaders, and strengthen their skills and knowledge.

We are dedicated to promoting gender parity. Multiple studies show that when women ascend to leadership positions, organizations and society benefit. And yet, women make up only 17 percent of seats in the US Congress and three percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. Even in the nonprofit sector, women hold just 20 percent of the leadership positions.

Amplifying Women’s Voices on Boards

Rachel’s Network places members on boards of influential local, regional, national, and international organizations, matching their interests and experience with each organization’s mission. To-date, more than 40 members have been elected to the governing bodies of Defenders of WildlifeGeoInvestorsNatureServePopulation ConnectionSierra Club Foundation, and American Rivers, among others.

Launching New Ventures

Our Fiscal Sponsorship Fund provides a public charitable umbrella, enabling members to develop an entrepreneurial program into an independent nonprofit. The fund has propelled worthy projects into the national and international spotlights, including the Divest-Invest Philanthropy initiative, curated by Lisa Renstrom, ClientEarth, co-founded by Winsome McIntosh, Community Conch, founded by Martha Davis, and CIAMO, the International Center for Art and Music at Ouidah, co-founded by Sarah duPont.

Connecting to Congress

Rachel’s Network helps members engage in the political process. During Annual Meetings in Washington, DC, members connect with congressional representatives and advocate for policies that support their philanthropic goals and environmental concerns. Rachel’s Action Network (RAN), a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization, encourages women to participate in the political process and promotes women leaders who advocate for a healthy environment. RAN is the sister organization of Rachel’s Network, and is an entirely separate organization, with its own membership, mission, assets, and programs.

“Rachel’s Network introduced me to high level women that I would not have met elsewhere, introduced me to projects that I later supported, gave me the administrative support to branch out, and provided a supportive community for my efforts.”

– Martha Davis, Colorado, founder of Community Conch, a Network Fiscal Sponsorship Fund program

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