2007 Annual Report

In 2007, the Network reached an unprecedented membership level, bringing together a group of women who collectively control over $6 billion in assets and work to leverage their influence into strategically innovative projects that preserve our natural resources, sustain our health, and empower our fellow women leaders. Our members are not content to rest on their laurels and earn plaudits for their philanthropy — they work confidently at the heart of the organizations they support, making strategic decisions that lead to visionary change.

New Report Examines Burnout in the Environmental Sector

New Report Examines Burnout in the Environmental Sector

What can we do to support the leaders of the environmental movement who are so vital to its success? That’s a question posed in a new report on climate burnout from Climate Critical, founded by Rachel’s Network Catalyst Award Finalist Tamara Toles O’Laughlin. In the report, Tamara brought together diverse staff from 108 environmental organizations to share their experiences and recommendations.

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Our Funding At Rachel’s Network, we believe in the power of women, particularly women of color, to create and nurture a healthy environment for all. Women are writing transformative climate legislation, championing environmental justice, restoring ecosystems,...