2008ARcoverIn 2008, Rachel’s Network continued to reach record levels of membership, uniting women who collectively represent over $500 million in annual giving and work to leverage their influence into trailblazing endeavors that preserve our planet, protect our health, and strengthen our fellow women leaders.

Our members lead at the uppermost echelons of the organizations they support, giving generously of their time, financial assistance, and wisdom gleaned from years of experience. These extraordinary women are impressive as individuals, and to see our members in the aggregate is to behold a dazzling spectrum of interests, backgrounds, generations, politics, and giving.

In 2008, our board of directors completed a transition to increased institutional oversight. We codified board obligations and established a formal committee structure, with each member serving on at least two of the Development/Membership, Governance, Finance, Program, and Long Range Planning Committees.

Though 2008 was a difficult year in the greater philanthropic community, we were honored to have secured the generous support of many members, former members, and external funders. Our supporters’ investment in the success of our programs and services constitutes a valued vote of confidence in our accomplishments to date, and we remain committed to stewarding these grants to ensure their effectiveness. Our grantors’ faith in our Network encourages us to redouble our efforts on behalf of the philanthropic community, women’s ever-increasing leadership, and the earth itself, including all its inhabitants.

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