2012ARIn reflecting on the year 2012, we have much to celebrate. Nationally, women sought—and won—a record number of seats in the U.S. Congress. 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of Silent Spring, a landmark book by our namesake, Rachel Carson, that helped launch the modern environmental movement. However, many challenges still lie ahead that will require our energy and resources.

Within Rachel’s Network, women are carrying on Carson’s bold legacy of leadership and advocacy through their transformative philanthropy. Members’ work on the local, national, and even international level is an inspiring testament to the value that women hold not only as funders of environmental causes, but as true guardians of the planet. We are pleased to report on our work throughout 2012, realizing that women’s voices lend vitality and strength to issues that concern us all. To tell that story, we turn to our members, whose reflections you will see incorporated throughout this report.

Download the report here.

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