There’s no denying 2016 was a thorny year for women and the environment. But in the days following the 2016 election, we’ve seen a renewed interest in collective action across our network and in the larger society. We are, as they say, the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In hard times, you will always find women rising to the occasion. Rachel’s Network is uniquely positioned to lend our vision and resources to the larger movements for environmental protection and social justice. We have the will, heart, and clout to build new alliances, coordinate bold strategies with existing partners, and lean in hard on our most pressing systemic problems.

In our 2016 Annual Report, you’ll learn about how we’re doing that. From supporting women environmental leaders through our fellowship with Ashoka, to bringing experts and funders together to talk solutions, Rachel’s Network fills a vital role in the movement for a better world.

The challenges ahead are real, but we are made for these times. We wake up each day feeling honored to work with our corps of passionate women to do all we can to protect the only home we have.

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