We started 2017 by marching for change on the packed National Mall in Washington, DC, with hundreds of thousands of women from across the country. Like many women that day, our members established their committed to a better future throughout 2017, standing up for each other, for environmental protection, for civil and human rights, and for the values that really make America great. We are proud to have seen the difference our network of women made in 2017, from supporting a coalition campaigning against the damaging US-Mexico border wall and launching our When Women Lead report lauding the environmental records of women in Congress, to elevating women environmental leaders through our Ashoka Fellowship, and more.

Read our 2017 Annual Report to learn how we’re building our power, joining with partners, and working to change political, financial, and social systems for a better world. We often think of our namesake, Rachel Carson, and the courage and tenacity she displayed during her own politically — and personally — challenging times. She inspires us to hold on to what’s true and right, and to fight every day for what matters — a healthy world for all. Momentum is on our side and we will carry on this fight into 2018 and beyond, holding our ground, and protecting our planet now and for future generations.

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