Rachel’s Network is pleased to announce that longtime environmental advocate Fern Shepard has joined Rachel’s Network as president.

Fern Shepard has over 30 years of experience in the environmental community, first as a staff attorney with Earthjustice and later as a senior officer managing international lands conservation programs at The Pew Charitable Trusts.

She has worked on issues ranging from securing threatened and endangered species habitat to protecting children and at-risk populations from lead contamination and dangerous pesticides.  Fern also serves on Earthjustice’s Board of Trustees and is a mother of three.

“I am thrilled to be joining Rachel’s Network’s community of women to advance our collective goal of a healthy and thriving world for all,” said Fern. “Together, we can tackle the complex challenges of a changing climate, biodiversity loss, and public health threats, and we can succeed.”

Fern joins Rachel’s Network as it implements its five-year strategic plan Vision 2020. The plan calls for promoting women’s leadership across systems of power, supporting solutions to the world’s most dire threats and challenges, and investing in the organization’s capacity. Among other projects, Rachel’s Network is currently undertaking efforts to support women environmental entrepreneurs and fight the overuse of antibiotics by major food companies.

“The board and staff are excited to see Fern lead our passionate, effective group of environmental funders,” said Rachel’s Network Board Chair Kathy Borgen. “Her decades of experience protecting public lands, wildlife, and public health, and advising national and regional conservation organizations and community groups on environmental policy make her the perfect fit for our Network.”

Under Fern’s leadership, Rachel’s Network is well-positioned to make a difference on the vital issues supported by its members. She looks forward to fulfilling our mission of supporting women as impassioned leaders and agents of change dedicated to the stewardship of the Earth.

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