This month, world leaders will travel to New York City for a United Nations summit to begin negotiating a global climate agreement. Rachel’s Network is proud join over a thousand organizations rallying with the People’s Climate March on September 21st to show the UN that people are ready for action on climate change.

As funders and advocates, the women of Rachel’s Network are steadfastly supporting climate solutions like divestment, sustainable transportation, and carbon pricing. To demonstrate that these solutions are within reach, we will march with tens of thousands of others wearing our “Women Funding Climate Action” buttons. Here some of our members share their reasons for participating in the People’s Climate March.


kathy2-circleI’m going because, in the words of Rachel Carson, Rachel’s Network’s inspiration, “Knowing what I do, there would be no future peace for me if I kept silent.” The steps of those marching in the People’s Climate March will be thunderous!

Kathy Borgen


adelaide-circleOur government is at a logjam. The climate deniers have way too much invested in the extraction business: they do not want to sacrifice their profits for the planet. The planet and its climate will not be saved without a mass movement, a really huge mass protest by the people of this country. Change is not coming from Washington, it has to come from us!

Adelaide Park Gomer


circle-abi-romeI want people around the world to see how many of us are concerned about climate change. I want them to realize the magnitude of the problems we’re causing by continuing to emit greenhouse gases. And I want everyone — especially leaders and decision makers — to understand that we urgently need to stop causing harm to the world’s ecosystems. Together we can restore the earth for the benefit of all who live on it.

Abigail Rome


lisa-memberI’m going because Divest-Invest goes public at the UN Climate Summit with seven Rachel’s Network Members: Cari Rudd, Ann Hunter Welborn, Adelaide Park Gomer, Charlotte Hanes, Annarie Lyles, Abigail Rome, and myself.

Lisa Renstrom


cari-circleI’m going because I can’t imagine NOT being there. It feels important to add my voice to the collective.  And I couldn’t be happier to be among “the Rachels”, my inspiration.

Rachel Carson wrote “The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction”.

These words focus my determination to have integrity and be clear and mindful in my daily life, in the people I’m with, in the organizations I support, and in the actions I take.

Cari Rudd


charlotte-hanescircleThis event will show how serious Americans are about climate change. Greed by large corporations (especially the fossil fuel industry) is driving the planet to ruin. We must find new energy ways and release the ones that are available but are kept down by the “big boys.”  If people want this to stop, they need to make it known and act.

Charlotte Hanes


annarie-circleClimate change is the huge, fundamental and urgent problem of our times. After fretting about this for over 30 years (since I coded carbon models for a thesis at Yale), it feels so good to join with my sisters at Rachel’s Network to demonstrate our grassroots wish for a more sustainable way.

Annarie Lyles

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