The conventional definition of power as a hierarchical, brute force isn’t working anymore. Heavy-handed power hasn’t been able to address the urgent climate crisis or terrorism or inequality. In fact, it often exacerbates those problems.

What we need are forms of power based on the connections between people and groups working together – collective power.

This month, Rachel’s Network members and guests will gather in Washington, DC for our Annual Meeting: Catalyzing our Collective Power. There we’ll discuss ways to grow new, more collaborative forms of power to address the big challenges we face today.

The speakers joining us are well-equipped to tackle these challenges. Watch the videos below to learn how they’re actively redefining power for a new age:


May Boeve on the Power of the Divestment Movement


Keya Chatterjee on the Power of Local Leadership


Annie Leonard on the Power of Shared Hope


Edward Maibach on the Power of Engaging the Public on Climate Change


Winsome McIntosh on the Power of a Network


Tina Rosenberg on the Power of Peer Influence

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