Annual Report 2013

There’s no doubt about it: our members have achieved a lot as individuals. It takes a determined and passionate person to run a foundation or start a nonprofit. But when these women join Rachel’s Network to connect with like-minded peers, they find that their work can go further in helping advance a sustainable world.

As the only organization that sits at the intersection of the environment, women’s leadership, and philanthropy, Rachel’s Network opens doors. Not only do we amplify members’ voices and strengthen their skills and knowledge, the Network facilitates collaboration that makes a difference for people and the planet.

Whether it’s a connection that puts a member on the board of an important environmental organization they admire, or room to grow a nonprofit that gets funders talking about sustainable investing, we are committed to opening doors for our members and helping them access the leadership positions that fulfill their values and potential.

Read on to discover the many other ways we supported a sustainable future, women’s leadership, and philanthropy in 2013.

Download the report here.

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